Doing what little I can to raise awareness for what is happening in Gaza. Something needs to be sorted and the conflict has to be resolved, innocent men women and children are being killed in their sleep by Israeli artillery. How much longer are western governments going to allow Israel to get away with these abominations? 

  • #prayforgaza // #gazaunderattack
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IMR is an underground online radio station coming to the UK. Based mainly around grime music, the station features massive names in the grime industry, aswell as up-coming grime artists from around the country. IMR also hosts various grime events around the country, including the up-coming IMR Summer 2014 event featuring names such as Devilman, Skepta, JME, Prez T and P Money.


Recreation of the famous “Reanimation Robot” from Linkin Park’s album, Reanimation. The robot features on the front cover of the traditional album. This album means a lot to me personally and has a lot of great memories attatched to it. Each aspect of the robot was recreated and coloured using the polygonic lasso tool and the paint bucket. Each aspect is individually mapped and coloured (205 elements) the robot was edited slightly, through use of different/more vibrant colours. 


NYC café // Fictional // Basic Print & Web Indentity Preview 

  • Quirk is a new up-coming café/bar located in central NYC. We offer a unique blend of classic beverages for the average guy or girl on their lunch break. But we also cater for the cute couple that wants to go out for a dinner date to somewhere new and different. The building itself is a restored carpenters house fitted out with contemporary touches, but with a focus on keeping the quirky aspects of the old building itself. Although we’re located in central NYC, you’ll be happyto know that we offer our great range of food & drink at a very affordable price, so you don’t have to feel guilty about treating yourself to a hot coffee or a cocktail.